Blueberry Hill Hand Painted Glassware and Watercolor Paintings

Hand painted glassware, hand painted watercolor paintings. FREE SHIPPING! WEDDING CUSTOM! Bride, fox and hound, equestrian, POLO. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Botanical, Holiday Glasses. Customized painted wine glasses.  HOLIDAY PAINTED GLASSES. HALLMARK QUALITY. FREE PERSONALIZATION FOR ALL INCLUDING WEDDING GLASSWARE. ETSY! PINTEREST. Seasonal goblets including CHRISTMAS. Popular Girlfriend Glasses. Beach Glassware. MERMAIDS! Birthday Glasses. Key West Style, Gorgeous handpainted stemware. Painted Margarita glasses. Wine Tasting. Wedding Toasting. 




For businesses, see "Wholesale Inquiries".
Our paint is an excellent non-toxic enamel glass paint. ALL HAND PAINTED IN THE USA!

* Martini, Margarita, and wine glasses, place settings, platters, pitchers, and more! Choose from our many designs. Because of overwhelming orders, special design orders can only be filled as the artist finds extra time. Top load dishwasher safe on the delicate or fine china setting! For years and years of happy use, please hand wash.

Some of my work:

Library of Congress in DC ornament Christmas tree.  I was chosen to represent Maryland and I painted a wooden book with Maryland crabs, etc. They use these decorations every year to trim their tree.
The other is my hand painted pumpkin that I won Best of Show at the Maryland State Fair.


Ann Arnold, Owner and Chief Blueberry Picker

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